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Boot Toe Fit and Killer Styles.


Toe shape is sometimes a function of the boot technology in use and sometimes purely a choice for function or looks. From old research, I noticed that Three Musketeer Era c.1650 boots had square toes because the toe was folded-over to length and closed up. This went on for two hundred years until most boots were made on a "last".

A last is a wood form carved to be the size and shape of the inside of a boot. Boot makers create a pair of lasts, left and right, based on a person's foot outline and foot measurements and the chosen toe shape and the chosen heel height.

A full toe shape, either round or square and sufficiently tall will contain the toes with room to spare. A pointed ( or square-pointed or round-pointed) toe shape compromises the available room for the toes. How much is a matter of style vs. comfort. Much can be done to present a sexy toe shape and still fit the foot.


Two aspects of the toe shape, elevation and width determine comfort ...