Renaissance shoe, 1" heel $ 195.00

Renaissance boot, 1" heel, high instep, cuff $ 250.00

hiking boot very wide 8.5 with lug vibram sole $225.00

Edwardian lace-up taupe and black, one inch heel, $ 175.00

Sharkskin, brown zipper, point toe, high instep and wide, $ 475.00

Thigh-high black with straps at ankle, 1.5 inch heel. square toe, $ 375.00

Black side-lace, square toe, 1.5 inch heel, above the calf,very sturdy boot $ 295.00

Mens9.5 Wide, brown cowhide, 42cm calf, low heel, round toe, leather lined, $ 225.00

Mens 9 Wide, black cowhide, leather lined, 60cm tall, 52cm top, 4.5cm curved stacked-leather heel, zipper at ankle, wear tall or with cuff, $ 325.00


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