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How to Shop for Leather for Your Project.

Leather is sold by the hide and half -hide and measured in square feet or meters. A "side" or half a cowhide is approx. 23 Sq. Ft. You will have irregularly shaped edges and better and lesser quality parts of any hide.

The first quality is function. What are you using the leather for? Handle a piece of leather, get a feel for it. Is it stiff or soft, thick or thin, smooth or textured.


You can feel a piece of leather and know if it will do the job. You may want the leather to be soft and drape fluidly. Or, you want a leather to stand up on its' own for a stiff boot or for leather door hinges. Or, the leather must withstand high temperatures or a lot of wetness. Also, stretch test it, stitch test it, rip test it.